How to Stop Animal Abuse

There are 4 ways that you can help to stop animal abuse..

Know what’s going on

Knowing is half the battle, or so they say. You need to be aware of the signs of animal abuse. Is the animal scared? Is the animal aggressive? Is the animal malnourished?

These are all common symptoms of animal abuse

Report the abuse

If you find yourself saying yes to the above – trust your gut. Report the abuse to the local authorities. Even if you’re wrong, at least the owners will get their act together.

Educate yourself on the law

Knowing the law can help you take aim against those who are abusing their animals. In case the authorities cannot initially do anything, if you know the law, you can continue to look for signs that the animal is being abused and report the illegal situations.

Prevention is key

As with anything, prevention is key. Always be better safe than sorry. Encourage animal owners to get formal training. Did you know the majority of dog problems occur because the owner doesn’t know how to properly train their dog?


We hope these steps help. Please take care of your pets and each other.

Dog Duct Tape Lady

Anyone remember the story that broke out earlier this year about the woman that duct taped her dog’s mouth shut?

That was an absolutely heart-breaking story… I am so glad that millions, upon millions of people decided to call the authorities after the photo had spread like wildfire across social media.

We’re even happier to report that a couple weeks ago she was found guilty of animal cruelty. Unfortunately, she was only given 12 months supervised probation and has to pay court fees.

I believe that she was given leniency because the dog wasn’t afraid of her. Had the dog been terrified, as most victims of abuse are, then I think it would have been a different story.

What do you think? Is the probation enough of a recourse for her actions?

Leave Our Bears Alone

One of the most common reasons for visiting National Parks is to see the wildlife. People are often amazed at seeing the wonderful birds, wolves, and bears that roam around the lands. Little do people know how much damage they are causing by interacting with the wildlife.

Lately there has been an influx in bear ‘attacks’ in our National Parks. These actually haven’t been attacks. If anything, it’s the tourists that are antagonizing the bears into doing things that they normally wouldn’t do.

Bears DO NOT want to interact with people. People NEED to stop trying to interact with bears. This will cause their animal instincts to kick in!

Instead, we want our bears to have FUN and FULFILLING lives…

Perdue Chicken is Evil

Perdue Chicken is one of the biggest culprits of animal abuse in the world. They slaughter millions upon millions of chicken each year. They claim that they euthanize the chickens in the most humane way possible and treat them with the utmost respect.

However, there have been many claims that Perdue Chicken is not treating their chickens well. In fact, they’re disregarding their safety completely.

Check out this article on Forbes for a great indepth look at this evil company.

Animal Abuse is Wrong

How would you be feeling if you were abused, underfed, and unloved? I believe animal misuse is incorrect. 9,584 pets or animals perish every year because of dog cruelty. I assume that it is terrible to torture something that cannot speak or defend itself. Two of the very most commonly found types of mistreatment are disregard, and abandonment.

One of the most acute cases of pet animal cruelty has been observed in circuses. Whips, stores, and other sharp or hot objects are being used to poke or whip the animal into working. Elephants are kept chained 23 out of 24 hours per day from enough time they are really babies to enough time they die. I really believe this is incorrect because I understand how I’d feel easily were placed chained up on a regular basis.

Neglect and abandonment are the most frequent varieties of animal cruelty found in the United States. When you have seen the show Animal Cops, you’ll realize just what a huge deal animal cruelty is. The most frequent canine to mistreat is a puppy, because they’re small and usually possible for you to definitely misuse. You may get 2-5 years in prison for abusing your pet.

We know that puppies can be incredibly annoying when they’re hyper and untrained. This is why we recommend that everyone crate trains their dog. By crate training your dog, you’re giving your dog a safe place where they can feel protected from everything. A dog crate serves this exact purpose as it reminds dogs of the dens that they would have in the wild. Metal dog crates and heavy-duty dog crates are best for this purpose.

Sheltering your dog for too long can also be abuse – such as keeping them in their dog crate. A pet crate can be an incredibly useful tool for training your pet or keeping them safe, but only in moderation. And remember, even something as simple as leaving your puppy in their dog crate for too long can constitute as animal abuse. Yes, keeping your dog in their dog crate for too long is considered animal abuse. A lot of dog owners consider a dog crate to be their dog’s safe place. While this is true in the majority of cases, there are some people that keep their dog in their crate longer than out of it. This is absurd and needs to stop. A dog crate is meant to be a short-term safe place for when the dog is sleeping or you need to crate train your dog. A dog crate is not meant to be a permanent living quarters for your dog. It’s disgusting behavior when dog owners keep their dogs in their dog crates for such a long time.

Among the many extreme symptoms of animal overlook is abuse. Mistreatment is where in fact the pet is beaten, tortured, and a great many other things in a position to cause damage. Some conditions are so extreme to where they might melt away or stab the pet sufficient to where they wouldn’t perish but lay down there and are affected, and believe that it is all simply for a giggle. People even would stay watching the entire procedure for the pet hurting since it was thought by them was cool.

Approximately 19 – 24 million animals are being used in research each year. Some people feel that animal testing is tolerable. I object compared to that because I believe it is wrong to torture an animal merely to look good, and wear the one you love cosmetic on your date. The truth is that the majority of pets probably just acquired that same cosmetic to them to ensure that this didn’t burn up YOUR eye. And generally the animal’s sight get scorched. To make the adjustments that they had to check the cosmetic on the pets or animals again, and again, and again. So how exactly does that make you are feeling about animal trials now?

To conclude, I feel that it is incorrect to torture something that cannot standup for itself. So everything that I am seeking to say is the fact canine cruelty is dreadful, and that people should all operate and say ” stop dog cruelty now!” You understand it is incorrect why should we package with it any more!