How to Stop Animal Abuse

There are 4 ways that you can help to stop animal abuse..

Know what’s going on

Knowing is half the battle, or so they say. You need to be aware of the signs of animal abuse. Is the animal scared? Is the animal aggressive? Is the animal malnourished?

These are all common symptoms of animal abuse

Report the abuse

If you find yourself saying yes to the above – trust your gut. Report the abuse to the local authorities. Even if you’re wrong, at least the owners will get their act together.

Educate yourself on the law

Knowing the law can help you take aim against those who are abusing their animals. In case the authorities cannot initially do anything, if you know the law, you can continue to look for signs that the animal is being abused and report the illegal situations.

Prevention is key

As with anything, prevention is key. Always be better safe than sorry. Encourage animal owners to get formal training. Did you know the majority of dog problems occur because the owner doesn’t know how to properly train their dog?


We hope these steps help. Please take care of your pets and each other.

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